Instead of:
- remembering many difficult commands
- typing them manually again and again

GsmContrAll helps you to put all those in one logical place: assign sms commands to individual buttons. Each button has a friendly display name and a command (sms text) which is actually being sent.

All buttons on one screen represent a single device, ie message recipient.

Manage multiple devices by organizing them in separate screen tabs.


Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to all apps in the GsmContrAll family.

  • This app DOES NOT read or touch incoming SMS in any way.
  • It does not touch anything else in your device without your explicit request and knowledge.
  • It can only send sms messages on your explicit request.
  • It does not collect any statistics or analytics.
  • It does not share any data with anyone.
  • There are NO ads.

Easy backup and restore

All settings within a tab can be saved to a simple text (xml) file on SD card.

Saved file can be edited with a standard text editor, and later restored on the same or any other phone.

With GsmContrAll you will not waste time on manually configuring the sms commands ever again.




  • "GSM Control PRO" can have 6 tabs/recipients, with 10 buttons each
  • "GSM Control" (lite) can have 3 x 3 buttons
  • There are no other differences.
  • You are welcome to try the free version first.



What is Gsm Control

NEW! SMS permission changed from March 2019

GsmContrAll (yes, this is the official name) is an android app that can simplify sending SMS commands to your GSM gate opener, GSM alarm, water pump, heating, cooling, garden lights, appliances. You can also text your loved ones, or pay public services like parking, bus tickets and others.

Sending sms commands to your devices or public services has never been easier.

Compatible with any type of SMS controlled device.