Any of three screen sections can be hidden, to make more space for others.
Up to 25 user notes can be saved for later use.
Note view can be scrolled to show longer texts.

Large font and contrast for readability in bright daylight.
Light / dark color scheme
Configurable date/time format
Configurable display lock timeout.
Optional popup every 10 minutes to remind you to transmit your callsign.
Optional ringtone played along with the visual reminder. If you don't want audio alert, select "silent" or "none" ringtone.

Share note content as a simple text file, formatted as JSONArray (string). Extension is .hctxt (HamClockTxt) but editable in any text editor.
Sharing works best via Gmail or GoogleDrive. With Gmail, open/receive directly from an attachment (no need to download the attachment first). If proper JSONArray file format is detected, "save or discard note" is offered.

Sharing via Bluetooth is less reliable on different devices, because android versions and phone vendors vary in trusted file extensions for BT transfers, and in permissions needed to access bluetooth storage space (received files).
Sharing via other applications is not tested, and it may or may not work.